Ludo Colle Photography | CCSU vs SFU


October 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today, I got to shoot my first college football game and it was a lot of fun. Originally, I was going to Central Connecticut state University to visit my niece who is a student there. she also happen to be part of the cheerleaders team and we had come to show our support for her and the team.



Since we had some time before the half-time show, I started to wander around with my camera, taking some snap shots from the stands. I was able to get a good look and decent images of the action but the pictures were missing the closeness we have come to expect with action, sports photography.



I noticed that the gate to the field was opened but security was there to screen anyone coming in. I got closer anyway and started a conversation with one of them. She asked me if I was a photographer, what type of pictures i was taking, etc... I eventually got the courage to ask if it would be ok to get in and sat by the fence behind the end zone to take few pictures. She jokingly told me that if I was taking her portrait, it would be ok!  No need to tell me more, few headshots later, I was sitting on the field behind the endzone, camera in hand with a big smile on my face!


I absolutely loved the experience. I have done sport pictures before but mostly of young people, and shooting college athletes brings a lot more intensity and speed to the action which in return allowed me to take some great pictures. I cannot wait for my next game !








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