Ludo Colle Photography | Protest


October 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

On a recent trip to France, I got to snap few shots of a political protest in Paris ! As I was walking with my family towards l'Arc de Triomphe. police cars and anti riot squads flew by us, sirens blasting. They were there to control and remove a group of Kurds protesting the inaction of European governments towards ISIS, and particularly the lack of assistance from Turkey to the Kurdish city of Kobane, besieged by ISIS militants.

The protest appeared to be mostly peaceful even though some individuals grew frustratred when The police started to remove them by force. I must admit the police response was firm but measured, they were calm and very much in control. It is just unfortunate that this was the only outcome to a very valid issue.

Sometimes, you never know what kind of pictures you are going to bring back from vacation !


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